Naval Station Jose Andrada, Roxas Blvd., Manila – A Memorandum of Agreement was signed here today between The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) and Philippine Navy (PN) for the turn-over of three tankers donated by former to the latter.

The MOA was signed by the Navy Chief Vice Adm. Jose Luis M Alano and PNOC Development and Management Corporation Vice President, Atty. Joseph M Literal.

The MOA provides that the PNOC Shipping and Transport Corporation (PSTC) crew will turn-over the tankers with all its appurtenances to the PN before the departure of the tankers from the Lamao Anchorage in Lamay, Bataan.

PSTC crew shall also assist the PN on the familiarization of the machineries and navigation systems of the tankers and the transfer of the tankers from Lamao Anchorage to the designated port or location identified by the PN.

Philippine Military

The tankers were donated to the PN as PSTC ceased its business operations.


PSTC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PNOC engaged in conducting, managing and carrying on the business of shipping, tinkering, lighterage, barging, towing, transport and shipment of goods, chattels, petroleum and other products.

PSTC issued the notice of Donation to the PN on Oct. 30, 2013 and received from PN the letter dated Feb. 18, 2014 confirming the readiness to receive the tankers.

Alano expressed his gratitude to PNOC saying that the additional tankers are a big boost to the capabilities of the PN.

“This is a very pleasant surprise for the navy. “We are very thankful for this wonderful donation by the PNOC. The oil tanker could provide the sustainment capabilities for our naval operations”, Alano said.


“We would like to assure the PNOC that the navy would take good care of these additional assets”, he added.




Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

            Tel Nrs:  523-34-38/524-57-85; HPN Optr: 524-20-61 to 69 loc 6475/6476 

Cellphone Number: 0917-882-9545



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