Pro-PIDU Pilots Grassroots Development Planning in Escalante City

Advance Command Post, 303rd Infantry Brigade, Bacolod City– The grassroots leaders of the seven (7) sitios of Barangay Paitan, Escalante City, Province of Negros Occidental heartfully cooperated in joining the Grassroots Community Development Planning (CDP) workshop that was initiated by the Peace, Integration and Development Action Team (PIDAT) of the Provincial Peace, Integration and Development Unit (Pro-PIDU). The said activity aims to bring out the needs of every community and households in order for the agencies and sectors collaborating with the Pro-PIDU to strive in addressing them. The purpose of the CDP workshop is to bring in sitio leaders together towards common goals and to whatever plans and recommendations that they may propose that would help them improve their livelihood, sources of income and quality of life.

The CDP held in Brgy. Paitan on 14 – 16 April 2014 is the first time and first of its kind for the community leaders of different sitios to gather together as one for a 3-day planning workshop. The following sitios who participated were: Moreño, Moncada, Cagayon, Manzano, Sambulong, Lunay and Sitio Proper.  In this activity, the objectives were successfully achieved for both the participants and the facilitating team. This planning workshop for the grassroots communities paves way to cultivate information and ideas from their respective areas through the community leaders that would benefit their everyday resources and security systems.

The activities involved are as follows:  timeline, community 24-hour activity, Venn diagram, seasonality calendar and resource mapping, and finally the SWOT analysis.  During these activities, they were clustered into small groups in their particular domain. Participants were very assertive and spontaneous in their manner of presenting their outputs which they believed to be a significant cornerstone in understanding their situational needs. In this activity, the objectives became a success for both the participants and the facilitating team as well.

The relentless efforts of the barangay officials with the assistance of 303rd Infantry Brigade and likewise the 62nd Infantry Battalion made the preparation of the venue for the said activity outstanding.  The community leaders despite the rainy weather and muddy terrain eagerly came on time and participated actively.  The CDP resulted to a fruitful discussion and sharing of ideas as manifested in their respective sitio-outputs in the said workshop. The school principal, Mr. Jimmy Cabag and teachers of Paitan Elementary School offered their classrooms as venues for the workshop and sleeping quarters.  Apart from this, a medical mission on the first day was conducted with dental operation (22), circumcision (11), medical check-up (60), and feeding program (60 beneficiaries). Indeed, the provincial government proved that it is capable of reaching out to its people for the delivery of basic services, even to the far-flung sitios and communities.

Kudos! To all who participated, helped, and contributed to the success of this CDP.

As way ahead, the next CDP will be at Brgy Cambayobo, Calatrava on 28 – 30 April 2014.  We are convinced that our lasting solution to insurgency is more of a local governance approach than a military strategy. (Press release from 303rd Bde, 3ID, PA)Presentation1 Presentation2

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