Government forces in Negros repel NPA atrocious plans

Binalbagan, Negros Occidental – Government forces under the 11th Infantry “Lapu-Lapu” Battalion repelled the New People’s Army’s atrocious plans when they clashed with the NPA 8:50 a.m. today at Brgy Amontay, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental.

Government troops were on community security patrol in the said barangay when they received report from the residents of the presence of lawless elements (LLEs) who are reportedly threatening and intimidating the civilian populace to give in to their extortion demands.

While responding on said report, the troops were fired upon by more or less four (4) LLEs believed to be members of CPP-NPA’s Sentro de Grabidad, Laragang Gerilya 1of Komiteng Rehiyonal-Negros (SDG, LG1, KR-N). The troops resorted to fire back and firefight ensued for twenty (20) twenty minutes.

The encounter resulted to the recovery of one (1) Cal .357 revolver pistol with six (6) live ammunition, homemade shotgun with one (1) magazine and two (2) live ammunition and one (1) backpack containing subversive documents of high intelligence value.

No reported casualty on the government forces while the NPA believed to have some wounded as the pursuing troopers saw bloodstains along the LLEs’ route of withdrawal.

“We acknowledge the efforts of the residents of Binalbagan, Negros Occidental for providing us the report and for ensuring that their community is away from any threat and intimidation of these lawless elements,” Brigadier General Francisco Patrimonio, Commander of 302nd Brigade said in a statement.

Meanwhile, last April 30, 2014, troops of Alpha Company, 12th CAFGU Battalion while on community peace and security patrol also repelled NPA atrocious plans when they encountered more or less seven (7) lawless armed elements of the CPP-NPA’s Larangang Gerilya 1, Komiteng Rehiyonal-Negros (LG1, KR-N) at Sitio Bulabog 2, Brgy Tanlad, Tayasan, Negros Oriental.

The twenty (20) seconds encounter resulted to the recovery of one (1) Cal .45 and one (1) magazine loaded with six (6) live ammunition.

Last April 3, 2014, troops of 79IB neutralized the remnant forces of the CPP-NPA in Negros Oriental when they figured in an encounter at Sitio Makasakasa, Brgy Balayong, Pamplona, Negros Oriental after receiving report from the civilians on the presence of lawless elements.

The encounter resulted to the recovery of six (6) high powered firearms consist of five (5) M16 Rifles, one attached with M203 grenade launcher, subversive documents and personal belonging.

Two (2) NPA members were killed in the encounter while one (1) wounded Jessie Dacaldacal, Squad Leader of Squad 2 and Vice Commanding Officer of Sentro de Grabidad (SDG) Platoon, Southeast Front, Komiteng Rehiyonal-Negros (SEF, KR-N) was captured by the troops.

Meanwhile, a certain Maribeth Lascunia recently gave in peacefully to the troops of 79IB after she was convinced by the soldiers to abandon the armed struggle and live peacefully with her family.

Lascunia alias Raylin/Antonina was the Head, Technical of the NPA’s Southeast Front (SEF), KR-N who was wounded in her left arm during the encounter on April 3. She was given proper medical attention by the “Masaligan” troopers on her sustained wound and ensured of her safety and security.

Lascunia is now on the process of availing the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP) of the provincial government of Negros Oriental for former rebels.

BGen Patrimonio stressed that “These encounters were the result of reports coming from civilians in the communities about the presence of lawless armed elements who are extorting food and supplies and disturbing the peace and development situation in the countryside. The Army here in Negros is on top of the situation as this conflict especially here in Negros Oriental is manageable and on the favor of the government.”

The province of Negros Oriental will be declared as manageable conflict-affected and development-ready province on May 7, 2014 after the CPP-NPA is rendered insignificant.

Likewise, the sustained peace and security operations of the 302nd Brigade with the active support of Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NOPPO) and the uninterrupted economic development activities spearheaded by the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental has successfully denied the recovery and further expansion efforts of the CPP-NPA in the province.

“We respond to the desire of the people of Negros to live in a peaceful community away from communist affectation and once and for all attain just and lasting peace towards a speedy development of the two provinces in Negros Island,” Major General Aurelio Baladad, 3ID Commander said in a statement.

Baladad also stressed that “We remain committed to secure the communities from lawless armed elements and further intensify our peace and security operations. Together with other stakeholders in the spirit of Bayanihan, we will pursue our goal for Western Visayas to be free from insurgency.”

“We call on the other members of the CPP-NPA to lay down their arms, abandon the armed struggle and live peacefully together with their families,” Baladad added.

Press Release by the 3ID, PA

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