Donning of ranks to newly-promoted Army Generals









Army Chief Lt. Gen. Hernando DCA Iriberri spearheads the donning of ranks to the newly-promoted Army Generals during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony at HPA Flagpole in Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila on June 23. Donned with his second star is Maj. Gen. Donato B. San Juan II, Commander of the Army’s Special Operation Command. Assisting Lt. Gen. Iriberri is the wife of Maj. Gen. Donato B. San Juan II, Mrs Ma. Victoria Cui San Juan.









Other generals donned with their first star rank are; Brig. Gen. Vicente M. Yordan, Commander, 51st Engineering Brigade; Brig. Gen. Medardo P. Geslani, Deputy Commander, Training and Doctrine Command; Brig. Gen. Edgar F. Gonzales, Assistant Division Commander, Mechanized Infantry Division; and Brig. Gen. Manolito P Orense, Commander, 603rd Infantry Brigade, 6th Infantry Division, Philippine Army. Army Vice Commander Maj. Gen. Romulo M Cabantac and the promotee’s wife assisted the Commanding General, Philippine Army during the donning of ranks. (Photo by: PFC Elmar Duero)




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