Army welcomes 78 new officers

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The members of the OPC “Marasig” Class 61-2013 pose for a souvenir photo with Army Chief Lt Gen Hernando DCA Iriberri during their graduation at the Officer Candidate School, TRADOC, Philippine Army on July 31.
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Lt Gen Iriberri addresses the new members of the Army’s Officer Corps.

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FORT BONIFACIO, Taguig City – The Philippine Army welcomes 78 new Army officers from the Officer Preparatory Course (OPC) Class 61-2013, who graduated from their six months training at the Officer Candidate School, Training and Doctrine Command, Philippine Army in Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac on July 31. 

Out of the 78 graduates, 10 are female and 68 are male. These new Officers are also graduates of courses ranging from BS Criminology and BS Information Technology. 

2Lt Rogie P Munoz topped the OPC “Marasig” Class 61-2013, while 2Lt James G Santos and 2Lt. Maria Fe T Capilitan, placed second and third in the class ranking, respectively. 

The graduation ceremony was graced by no less than the Army Chief Lt Gen Hernando DCA Iriberri as the guest of honor and speaker. 

In his speech, Lt Gen Iriberri stressed the importance of the new Officers’ commitment to serve. 

“Much will be asked of you from this moment on: You are asked to put country above family. You are asked to always put others first. You are asked to serve with purpose and with passion. For all these demands and requirements, there is commitment and accomplishment like no other,” said Lt Gen Iriberri. 

Lt Gen Iriberri also told the graduates to “remember the overarching imperatives of the Army Transformation Roadmap and the IPSP Bayanihan, two fundamental anchors of the Philippine Army’s operations.” These, he said, are the Army’s strategic precepts that come alongside the tactical moves.

In guiding the new members of the Officer Corps, Lt Gen Iriberri also shared with them the three simple lessons he learned  as Commander of the Task Group Panther, which is to “stay strong, stay focused, and stay together”.

After graduation, the new second lieutenants will report at Headquarters Philippine Army in Fort Andres Bonifacio, Taguig City for their career orientation. They will also undergo Scout Ranger Orientation Course (SROC) at Scout Ranger Training School, First Scout Ranger Regiment of the Philippine Army’s Special Operations Command prior deployment to their respective assignments.

These 78 newly graduate Officers will beef up the Army’s personnel and operational capabilities as it continues to pursue its mandate of serving the people and securing the land.

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