The Journey to Gold: Army Institutionalizes Performance Governance System

FORT BONIFACIO, Taguig City – The Philippine Army earned the Institutionalized Status in the Performance Governance System (PGS) Pathway and received the Gold Governance Trailblazer Seal after the Public Governance Forum Revalida held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City on October 21.

Lt Gen Hernando DCA Iriberri delivered a 30-minute presentation on the Army’s journey towards transformation, particularly in achieving the Gold Governance Trailblazer Seal, including the breakthrough results in the Army Transformation Roadmap’s (ATR) five strategic perspectives: Stakeholder Support, Finance and Logistics, Human Resource, Internal Processes, and Constituency; the integration of the PGS in the Philippine Army; how the Army embraced the culture of governance; and the sustainability of the ATR.

The Public Governance Forum is a regular event convened by the Institute of Solidarity in Asia (ISA) twice a year, in cooperation with the National Competitiveness Council (NCC). It features public performance reports from national government agencies and local government units who are looking to advance to various stages in the good governance pathway.

The presentation was positively received by the panel members who recognized the transformation efforts of the Philippine Army. Among the panelists were: Mr. Guillermo M Luz, the Panel Chairman; Secretary Jose Rene Almendras, Chairman of the National Competitiveness Council; Congressman Mel Senen Sarmiento, Philippine Army Multi-Sectoral Board (PA MSAB) Chairman; Dir. Antonio Aquino, PA MSAB Member; Ms Maria Victoria Garchitorena, PA MSAB Member; Ms Doreen Yu, Philippine Star Columnist; Ms Maxene Tanya Hamada, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management; and Gen Dionisio Santiago (Ret), former Commanding General of the Philippine Army.

Earning the Institutionalized Status in the PGS Pathway is a validation that the systems and processes are already ingrained in the Army. However, the journey does not stop here, the Philippine Army will participate in the initiative called Islands of Good Governance in 2015, which aims to showcase local milestones in good governance. This initiative is introduced by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) and the National Competitiveness Council (NCC).

Sustaining the Momentum

Since its implementation in 2010, the ATR has already gained headway in pursuing organizational reforms. The journey to transformation involves every member of the Army organization. Recognizing that governance begins with every individual, all Army personnel crafted their personal scorecards, stating therein the measures, targets and initiatives with the end goal of contributing to the realization of the ATR vision.

At present, all efforts of the Philippine Army are geared towards achieving the  2016 ATR Base Camp, to be a well-equipped Army that has established a respectable image in Southeast Asia. By 2022, it expects to be a modern and respected Army in Asia; and by 2028, the Philippine Army anticipates the realization of its vision to  be a world-class Army that is a source of national pride.

Army Chief Lt Gen Hernando DCA Iriberri delivers a presentation to the panel members during the Public Governance Forum Revalida as the Army bids for the Institutionalized Status in the PGS Pathway.


The Philippine Army earns the Institutionalized Status in the PGS Pathway and the Gold Trailblazer Seal during the Public Governance Forum at the PICC in Pasay City on October 21.

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