Camp General Artemio G Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City – Western Command hosted a three-stage course shoot fest dubbed as Commander’s Cup with the theme “Bayanihan  asintado” at the WESCOM Firing Range dated 18 October 2014

           Several teams representing various stakeholders from local government units, military and security forces, non-government organizations, local government agencies, the local media and other civilian entitles will be competing in the Team versus Team and Man versus Man categories to earn the Commander’s Cup Championship titles.

            Underpinning the competition, is the greater purpose of enhancing partnership among key agencies that have been working together in making the Province of Palawan a zone of sustained peace and development.

            “The Bayanihan spirit in the province is remarkable and this gathering is another good opportunity to strengthen it,” Vice Admiral Alexander S Lopez AFP, Commander of Western Command said.

            “This event also aims to reinforce in each participant the value of taking responsibility for the safe handling of guns, especially for those whose professions entail the use of such in service to the public,” Vice Admiral Lopez added.

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