More CPP-NPA members in Panay renounce armed struggle

Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz–The Army in Western Visayas continues to open its arms and welcomes more members of the CPP-NPA who renounce the armed struggle and choose to live a peaceful life.
On January 12, 2015, three (3) NPA members from Capiz turned over themselves to the government troops under 61stInfantry “Hunter” Battalion and the Philippine National Police of Tapaz after they decided to abandon the armed struggle.
Lt Col Victor Llapitan, Commanding Officer of 61st Infantry Battalion identified them as alias Alen, Team leader Squad 2, Baloy Platoon, CF-Panay; alias Tommy and alias Mica, both member of Tugalbong Platoon, CF, KR-Panay operating in the areas of Tapaz, Dumalag and boundaries of Jamindan and Mambusao all of Capiz.
The three returned to the folds of the law through the intercession of Municipal Mayor Hon Rose Gardose of Tapaz, Capiz and Brgy Captain Remy Katipunan of Brgy Aglinab, Tapaz, Capiz. Accordingly, they have been thinking about their families and their desire to give them a better future and they have been also longing to live a peaceful and normal life just like the other former rebels who are now in the mainstream society.
Major General Rey Leonardo B Guerrero, Commander of 3ID said that “the Philippine Army is very willing to accept our NPA brothers and sisters who want to abandon armed struggle with open arms. Together with the local government officials and other stakeholders, we will help and assist them to integrate and live peaceful and normal lives.
The continuous surrender of CPP-NPA members in Panay Island can be attributed to the efforts of the government in its call for peace together with other stakeholder who in the spirit of Bayanihan, are working together for sustainable
development in the countryside.
Source: 3rd Division Public Affairs Office, 3rd INFANTRY (SPEARHEAD) DIVISION, PHILIPPINE ARMY

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