Philippine Christian Gospel School conducted Scout Outdoor Educational Tour at Naval Forces Visayas

Naval Forces Central, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu—Close to two hundred students, parents and teachers led by Ms. Stephanie Wong of Philippine Christian Gospel School visited the headquarters of Naval Forces Central (Navforcen) last 10 February 2015 as a venue for their scouting outdoor educational experience in a Naval Base this year.

During the activity this morning, the participants had the chance to visit the two Philippine Navy vessels; BRP Alfredo Peckson (PG-372) and BRP Liberto Picar (PG-377) currently anchored at Captain Veloso Pier (CVP) in Naval Base Rafael Ramos. Aside from the ship tour, the students also had the opportunity to appreciate the Navy profession as LT. JAMES B REYES PN, the Civic Military Operations Officer briefed them of what the organization is all about while LTJG JOSE MARY G MARTINEZ PN and LTJG MAY GLICELL T AUXTERO PN accompanied all the students and teachers together with their parents at Captain Veloso Pier (CVP) to have their ships tour.

To strengthen out the partnership with the civilian sector, Navforcen also allowed the tour participants to use some of its facilities such as the Navfocen gym where they had their fun games and lunch.

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