NPAs 46th Anniversary

The New People’s Army 46th Anniversary is fast approaching! Every March 29 of each year marks the birth of the NPAs incomprehensible, selfish and unthinkable struggle. Their 46 years of existence are years of KILLINGS, ARSONS, EXTORTION, DECEPTION AND HUMAN VIOLENCE. They are in their 46 years and still in counting. Now, weeks before theContinue reading “NPAs 46th Anniversary”

3CRG Personnel attended the Monday flag raising ceremony of National Commission on Muslim Filipinos

On 16 0900H March 2015, 3CRG Personnel invited by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos during the Monday flag raising ceremony at NCMF- Visayas Social Hall 4th Floor, GTC Building, 116-3, Borromeo Street, Cebu City.