Backhoe Burned by NPAs in Matanao, Davao del Sur

The incident that happened in the wee hours of March 18, 2015 is a concrete example of VIOLENCE that the detractors of our government have been spreading. These groups never fail to frighten innocent individuals and they never cease to annoy our military troops. Considering that what happened is one of the so-called offensives of the New People’s Army, it will not anymore be a surprise if they will again claim that they did it in support to the struggle of the Moro people. However, let us also not forget that time and again, this subversive group is doing this kind of viciousness to threaten businessman to submit to their revolutionary ideas and eventually, give REVOLUTIONARY TAXES. In short, A MOVE FOR EXTORTION.

Now, who will believe in this mockery? Isn’t it an absurd idea that in order to show one’s support, one has to kill, destroy and scare people? The property damaged does not only worth thousand but millions of pesos. Obviously, they did not care of how much their struggle will worth. They are only concerned of how their selfish ideologies will be materialized.

Dabawenyos, Mindanaoans and Filipinos, let us unite to protect our right, our life from these insane people who claims to voice out our sentiments through their disastrous and bloody revolution.

Backhoe burned by NPAs in Matanao

Published by 5th CRG

5th Civil Relations Group, Civil Relations Service, AFP

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