Alleged Army Human Rights Violation: A Farce

MALITA, DAVAO OCCIDENTAL – KARAPATAN SOCSKSARGENDS recently presented the alleged victim of military abuse on a press conference held at Nekolai Resto, General Santos City on April 14, 2015.

During the press conference, Lorencio Teo of MAKASDALU, Pastor Sadrach Sabella, Secretary General of KARAPATAN SOCSKARGENDS, Bert Padayao of Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) and Anelfa Gemilo of Kahugpungan sa Lumad Habagatang sa Mindanao (KALUHAMIN) claimed that the Indigenous People Peace and Development Team (IP-PDOP) operating in Brgy Upper Suyan, Malapatan, Sarangani Province committed human rights violations against Indigenous People residents in the area. They presented Mr Rexan M Tagi, Mr Ruben T Wating and Mr Masolong M Ambat to be the victims.

On April 16, 2015, the alleged victims went to the Municipal Police Station of Malapatan to have the alleged incident blottered, afterwards they were subjected to a medical and physical examination by the Municipal Health Officer of Malapatan, Sarangani Province. After the examination, a certification was issued by Dr. Diomedes T Remitar, M.D. dated April 16, 2015 that indicated that Mr Rexan M Tagi, Mr Ruben T Wating and Mr Masolong M Ambat has no abnormalities on their being during the conduct of physical and medical examination. Before the examination, the victims were complaining of injuries sustained on their upper body area allegedly perpetrated by IP-PDOP, but based on the medical certificate issued by Dr. Remitar “there was no signs of recent injuries noted in affected and other body parts being complained”. The certification only showed that KARAPATAN SOCSKARGENDS fabricated those human rights violation to advance their own interest.

“We respect the rights of those people, despite their protest towards us; we will continue to carry out our mandate and sworn duties. As part of the government, the AFP is always ready to listen to these people grievances and extend our assistance to ensure peaceful and orderly conduct of their duty. Our presence in the barangay was endorsed by the Municipal Tribal Council of Malapatan. The troops conducting IP-PDOP in Brgy Upper Suyan are all B’laan soldiers who are mostly relatives of some residents of the barangay, hence, the victims claim is a remote thing to happen”. LTC BABAC, Battalion Commander 73rd IB said.

Press Release by 10ID, PA

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