Joint Outreach Activity

 Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting.

Catalino Hermosilla III's photo.
Catalino Hermosilla III's photo.
Catalino Hermosilla III's photo.
Catalino Hermosilla III's photo.
Catalino Hermosilla III's photo.

It’s not what you have; it’s what you heartily give that matters.

After crossing 44 rivers, hiking for an hour and a half to overcome steep terrains, being stranded a couple of times and travelling approximately 153 kilometers, we safely reached our beneficiaries in the secluded Brgys. of Tag-amacan, Tagbubonga and Saksak, Austurias, Cebu for our outreach activity.

The project wouldn’t be possible if not for our generous donors and devoted volunteers (you know who you are). Saying thank you will not suffice. These children are smiling and are excited to go to school because of your kindness.

On behalf of the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement of Cebu, I would like to express my gratitude to Col. Mario Dimaisip of AFP 3CRG and Capt. Tubungbanua of 5th Special Forces, AFP for ensuring the safety of the team and for letting us use your vehicles and camp facilities.

To our partners from the Dream Big Project for the opportunity to help these children become aware of the importance of education, peace and good health in acheiving their goals in life.

To my previous colleagues from Authorhouse UK, Xlibris UK and Partridge Africa, (spearheaded by Ms. Emma Daan and Sir JM Libero) for helping us raise the needed funds. I’m truly overwhelmed by your support. Thank you so much!

To our courageous volunteers from the Department of Development Communication of Cebu Technological University, you guys are awesome! You were there from the start, helping the organization every step of the way. Thank you guys for your enthusiam. Your efforts will soon be rewarded.

To Ms. Bai Rohaniza Sumndad-Usman and Ms. Ba Det Fernandez of Teach Peace Build Peace Movement for giving us your respective blessings to conduct this activity and for your assistance in contacting the AFP-CRG of Cebu.

And most importantly to Ms. Chrisley Ann Hinayas. You ma’am are the heart and soul of this program. Your desire to help the less fortunate inspired a number of people. May God bless you more! Thank you for your sacrifices and for giving it your best!

Source:Teach Peace Build Peace Movement

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