Building our legacy towards a culture of excellence in public service

Commander, CRS AFP

Our military leadership has vigorously outlined and emphasized the thrusts of the military service to transform towards a culture of excellence so that it can achieve its vision. As members of the global community, we work hard imbibing the spirit of Bayanihan among ourselves to better accomplish the mission of being the vanguard of defense and protector of the people in the highest degree of excellence.

Those who safeguard and secure our country are charged with the immense responsibility of defense and partnership with stakeholders and communities towards peace and development. Our troops are more than willing to serve the people and secure our sovereignty at all times and at all costs even committing the ultimate sacrifices as the need for it arises. Through our untiring commitment, we have engendered better  conditions for development and more opportunities for every citizens of this country.

As we commemorate the 118th Anniversary Celebration of the Philippine Army, let us not forget the undoubtedly indelible mark of our forebear’s gallant fight for the independence of our people and unrelenting sacrifice to give birth to a free Philippine Republic. The torch of independence has been passed on to a new generation of soldierswho are as brave and patriotic as their predecessors. With this, the Philippine Army’s continuing existence in serving the people and securing the land is so much a fruit of the resolve of the military generations that would follow to promote peace and security for all Filipinos. And through the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR), the Philippine Army is treading on the right path as it aims to be a world-class Army by 2028.

Likewise, included in our call for celebration is the proud moment for the men and women of Western Command (WESCOM) in showing exemplary service in sustaining its accomplishments. The Western command 39th Founding Anniversary is a distinct milestone in its long decades of dedication, commitment and firm resolve and relentless service to the province and people of Palawan. Th Command’s efforts in surrounding the challenges will affect not only the future of Palawan but of the whole Filipino nation.

In keeping with these two celebrations, the Armed forces of the Philippines will remain undaunted and determined in pushing for institutional and capability transformation that will enable us to totally achieve our goals confidently and decisively, as we carry out our roles and empower our people and communities through IPSP “Bayanihan” and AFP Transformation Roadmap.

In all these, let us together champion peace as we continue our conviction and noble legacy to the institution and our service to the people and the whole nation. (This article was published as foreword on ANG TALA magazine March 2015 issue, The Official Publication of Civil Relations Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines)

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