PhilDev Foundation- Education Advocacy at Defense News Daily


Education is indeed an effective tool to emancipate our poor kababayans from their present plight. Let us give them the opportunity to go to school. But truly education has transformative effect in our society because this will transform us into educated and eventually matured voters citizens. This augurs us to elect competent and honest leaders from the President even down to barangay captains who will reform our bureaucracy where integrity and meritocracy shall be the enduring values and norms in public service. These two norms are the foundation of strengthened institutions such as in judicial system, security sector, education, and all other agencies in gov’t. Strengthen institutions are the backbone of a strong republic, a great nation and a prosperous Philippines. According to Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp (HSBC), the Philippines will be the top 16 largest economy in the world by 2050  with economy of $1.6 trillion and annual per capita income of $10,800 (P475,000). This means we will have fewer Filipino domestic helpers working abroad but most of our OFW will be employed as expats, supervisors and skilled workers. 2050 is a significant milestone bec it  is a renaissance in the 1950s where Philippines was No. 2 in the economy in Asia and one of the most modern armed forces then. This is a challenge to all Filipinos this forthcoming 2016 elections, be wise voters and choose competent and honest leaders. Let us be patriotic for the sake of the next generations. This is our future and the future of our younger generations.

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