DnD Weapons and Technologies- Night Vision Device

A night vision device (NVD) is anoptoelectronic device that allows images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness. The image may be a conversion to visible light of both visible light and near-infrared, while by convention detection of thermal infrared is denotedthermal imaging. The image produced is typically monochrome, e.g. shades of green. NVDs are most often usedContinue reading “DnD Weapons and Technologies- Night Vision Device”

RP protests as China pursues Spratlys reef reclamation

Amid the Philippine government’s opposition to China’s construction and operation of lighthouses in two South China Sea reefs, which according to Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose, “are obviously intended to change the actual conditions on the ground and aimed at bolstering Beijing’s territorial claim in the South China Sea,” a high-ranking Chinese military official hasContinue reading “RP protests as China pursues Spratlys reef reclamation”