Palace defends from attacks of group of former US Soldiers

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., at a Palace briefing, was quick to emphasize that the Aquino administration puts great deal on the improvement of the AFP. However, this too was assailed by the group, named “We Are The Mighty,” noting that $2 billion is too small.

“We can see the concrete manifestation of our pursuance to modernize the military and this is proven through acquiring the most modern equipment for our Army, Navy and Air Force,” the Palace official added.

It added that the lack is still existent despite the Chinese military buildup in the region, with aggressive moves by the Chinese to claim areas and build islands close to the Philippines. They said that the Philippines’ naval and air forces are still nearly 60 years old and its ships are old US Coast Guard cutters.
Coloma, for the part of the Palace, insisted that source for military funds is first assured prior to execution, with Congress still having the power to stamp on what should and should not be included in the government’s annual budget.
“The rule of our government is when it is put into law the source and availability of funds is first assured before approval of Congress.


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