Bayanihan Awardees 2015


You probably have seen this post on facebook too. It captured my heart since this is so true. Working closely with the men and women in uniform for a long time now i’ve witnessed and experienced how dedicated they are in their duties. It must be prouding and at the same time heartbreaking to have a soldier in the family – a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife. There would be times, actually a lot of times that they wouldn’t be there during your birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, new years, and all other important or special occasions. What’s more shattering is, knowing they are out there in the field, far away scouring the mountains unsure if they would be able to make it back safely in their barracks.

This exactly how Cyrrus feels out there in the field. According to him, “duty first before family”

PFC Cyrrus Vincent Verdote is a member of the 7th Spacial Forces Company and currently serving as the commander of the CAFGU’s in Barangay Mabog, San Isidro, Surigao del Sur.

He was given the Bronze Cross Medal at the Bayanihan awards held during the celebration of the AFP’s 80th anniversary. As he recalls, he got this medal from the incident that happened last 2014 upon recovering at least 2 land mines planted by the members of the New People’s Army, who’s target are the members of the military patrolling the area, police forces, and other government employees. Because of their close relationship with the community of Brangay Mabog, it was the civilians themselves living in the said area who informed them that the leftist group purposely deposited those land mines.

            Asked how he feels out there in the field, he said he still feel nervous every now and then. One thing he hates the most are those NPA snipers waiting for an innocent pray to come out and then mercilessly fires his gun surely leaving somebody dead.  According to Cyrrus, it’s like being “traydor”.  You don’t fight fair. He said he is not sure of their lives. You don’t know what would happen out there in the field. He doesn’t know whether they would still be able to come home alive every time they perform a mission, nor just by simply going out of the camp to buy their supplies in the market.

            Cyrrus has been in the service for six years now. He said for every successful operation they perform, every time they come back alive in the camp, he feels thankful to God for another life. When he was awarded the bronze cross medal, his family was so elated and made them appreciate his profession of beign a soldier even more. It made them realize how hard his job is out there and for Cyrrus himself, he didn’t realize the enormity of his work until he was given this honour. He said, a simple thank you from the people, the community he serves is enough to make every soldier happy. The undescribable happiness in everyone’s face every time they recover a landmine and save random lives already makes their day right. It brightens their mood and inspires them to do better.  It lessens whatever exhaustion they are feeling when someone says “thank you” to them.

             It was such a great honor for Cyrrus to be face to face with the Commander in Chief. As he mentioned, he was surprised to be chosen as an awardee and wasn’t expecting it. He extends his gratitude to his Commanding Officer, Capt. Dagdag ofthe 7th Special Forces Company, to his Batallion Commander, Col Patrick de Villa for the unwavering trust they have on him, and to his family who is very supportive of him.

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