Army partners with BOSS to bring smiles to persons with deformities

In partnership with a non-government organization (NGO), the Philippine Army will be bringing smiles to dependents and relatives of military personnel and civilian employees who have lip deformities through free surgery and medicines.
The three-day medical mission with the Project B.O.S.S. or Brotherhood Operation Sweet Smile, will be held March 9-11at the Army General Hospital.
Initial screening had been done last March 2.
Col. Benjamin D. Hao, spokesman of the Army, expressed gratitude to BOSS for its continuing support to the Army.
“In partnership with BOSS, this is our simple way of giving back more to our troops, civilian employees and their loved ones,” Hao said.
“Dependents and relatives of military personnel and civilian employees of the Philippine Army who have cleft lip/palate patients are encourage to avail of the free surgery and medicines,” he added.
As NGO-partner, BOSS will provide doctors who will perform the operation, and the X-Ray films, anesthesia and other medical supplies needed, including pre and post operation medicines.
On the other hand, laboratory tests, X-rays, ECG and other medical examinations and screening will be carried out at the Army General Hospital.
The partnership of the Philippine Army and BOSS started in 2011 when they conducted similar medical mission at the 1st Infantry Division in Zamboanga.
A total of 82 patients successfully operated. The team also conducted three other activities again in the 1st Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division in Cagayan de Oro City, and Army General Hospital in Fort Bonifacio. 
The sweet smile project has already benefited 308 individuals, so far.
“And we expect to bring more smiles in the future,” said Hao.
Lt. Gen. Eduardo M Año, Commanding General of the Philippine Army, commended the Project BOSS for their invaluable service to their countrymen by providing free surgical restoration to indigent citizens of Mindanao and other parts of the Visayas with cleft lip and palate deformities.
“This clearly shows that together –the government and the private sector, can make a big difference in the life of our people. This is ‘Bayanihan’ at its best,” Ano said. #

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