National Defense College of the Philippines


The National Defense College of the Philippines is an educational, training, and research agency of the Philippine government located inside Camp Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

The Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) Program is the main academic program of the NDCP. It is a one-year, full-time master’s degree course consisting of 39 units earned through various forms of classroom work, case studies, regional security and development studies and academic enhancement travels.

The MNSA curriculum focuses on the various dimensions of national security management:

  1. socio-cultural dimension
  2. political-legal dimension
  3. economic dimension
  4. techno-scientific dimension
  5. environmental dimension
  6. military dimension

The MNSA is open to military officers, government officials and private sector leaders. Students write a national security-oriented thesis. Civilian graduates are commissionedLieutenant Colonels or Commanders in the AFP Reserve Force.

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