Military Cyber Security Program Developed under CRSAFP Defense News Daily Cyber ISA is now undergoing Modernization Program with the help of Cyber Advocates

The AFP CRS Military ​Cyber Security and User Authentication System Programs Developed for AFP CRS Cyber ISA Defense News Daily Program on the year 2014 and was discontinued on December 2016 for lack of funds will be continued, enhanced and developed by Defense News PH Cyber Team with the help of Gen Rolando Jungco of the National Defense College of the Philippines, RWC Network Director Araw Sun Bobadilla, and Calriger Technologies. The new Cyber Advocates will modernize, upgrade and make these Cyber Programs independent self operating system thru the help of Cyber Group comprising of active and retired military people, cyber group from the Civilian Sovereign Integridad Force, and the Off-Grid Cyber Network Group. 

The team will enhance and revive the Defense News Daily Cyber ISA and Security Systems with emphasis on development of the team’s online security Knowledge. The team states that these Cyber Security knowledge are very important in every Cyber Online Network and will play important role in securing online data and also in eliminating fake news in Philippine Cyber Space. 

The team is developing a Strategic Information Management and Identity Management System to detect Fake News and Fake Accounts Online and to ensure that news portals of the government can Deliver Trusted Services in a secure online system, this is a necessary technology in this Digital Age to avoid confusion in online news. 

During the past operation of the Defense News Daily Cyber ISA Network, the system has detected various cyber attacks from local and international networks. These attacks includes the attempt of North Korea Cyber Network to Deface the Defense News Daily Website, they failed because the website was protected with cpanel onboard malware security detector, the system also detected the hacking attempt in the CEBU CRG website done by local rebels, the malware attacked from Tanay Rizal, the attempt to deface the Hero foundation website by the German hackers and many more. All of these were prevented by the Defense News Daily Cyber ISA Program. ( See history of Defense News Daily Cyber ISA Program in IDG CRSAFP )

Also in the digital age, confidential information can be easily compromised by hackers stealing identities and data of employees who are making honest mistakes in entering the cyber deceptions of hackers. With Cyber Strategic Information Management this problems that hackers are doing can be avoided. 

Government is now turning to identity management to ensure that critical data is only accessible to those with permission to use it making this Cyber Security Program necessary in all parts of cyber communications. 

The Cyber team will also share Important skills for Cyber Security when the program becomes operational and done with pilot testing.

The following will be highlited in the Cyber Security Program: 

Learn best practices for protecting identities in today’s cyber world. 

Detects fake news and bring people behind these to the hands of the cyber law enforcers

Defeat Trojan Virus and Malware to avoid compromised system and data theft.

Block DDOS Attack and protect your website Bandwith using online scanners and DDOS Blockers 

The necessity of strong authentication for government state and local agencies.

Why identity-proofing is critical for true cybersecurity.

The pitfalls of current traditional password-based systems in government.

The advancement in Cyber Communication System helps securing confidential information

Protect your Cyber System, Learn Cyber Security Systems and Technologies

Learn more about Defense News PH Cyber Program at

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