AFP Military Men Contributed in the Development of the Advanced Filipino Made SolarRev Generator Technology

This is a photo of the SolarRev Generator A10 after its tactical testing in Tanay Rizal Military Designed Camp Site
Civilian Technologiest from Pateros Solar Center together with 7th CRG Soldiers gave free solar training to the youth and Civil Relations Group in charge with community development.

Filipino Invention: This Proudly Filipino made Military Grade SolarRev Generator is a combined effort of Civilian Technologist from Pateros and Military Men from the Civil Relations Service AFP. The 7th CRG CRS AFP former commander LTC. Patria was part of the consultation team when this Solar Generator unit was produced by the Filipino company, Calriger Technologies. The 7th CRG of Civil Relations Service AFP fully support the training for the youth, for its YLS program and for its military men in charge in community development by offering for free their office as training center for different skills especially for solar generator production skills. 

The SolarRev Generator can be very helpful to our soldiers when they are in off-grid locations in our country. The solar generator can help them power their radio communication devices and GPS navigation gadgets. This breakthrough made in the Philippines invention of our civilian tech and military men is a game changer in military tactical operations – Defense News PH

Shared by certain Technical SGT from Tanay- The SolarRev Gen helps them in charging Radio Communication Devices and gave them longer time in the mountain operation. They dont need to go down to recharge their communication devices because of the SolarRev Generator. 

In their Youth Leadership Summit event in Tanay and outreach program in Marikina Boys Town, they shared to the YLS and the youth participants the importance of solar technology to the country. 

Our military men fully support Filipino Made Technologies to upgrade our country’s capabilities – Defense News PH

The SolarRev inventor company conducts free training on how to make your own solar generator using parts available in the Philippine market. Most of the parts that are used and can be used in making the SolarRev Generator can be purchased in automotive stores and shops making its production easy for filipino people. The principles of Calriger when it comes to renewable energy is first, to teach skills to people that can help them stand independent and can also help them eradicate poverty and second, make the solar technology education easily available to Filipino people.

These principles coupled with the fact that the inventor of SolarRev made it a point that all parts of SolarRev are available in the Philippines can help Filipino people to produce solar generator technology in the Philippines. 

Skills development for Filipino People is very important in eradicating poverty- Calriger

Support Filipino Inventions: ​Fully loaded SolarRev Generator SRGA10  charging power. Like and share Calriger at SolarRev will give all your portable power needs.

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