AFP Chief confers award and talk to Army troopers in Fort Andres Bonifacio


CSAFP visit

FORT BONFACIO, Metro Manila – General Carlito G. Galvez Jr, the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines pays visit and give awards to deserving personnel at Headquarters Fort Andres Bonifacio Metro, Manila on 09 June. He was warmly welcomed by Lt. Gen. Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, Commanding General Philippine Army.

Today, marks the first official visit of the Chief of Staff, AFP at Headquarters Philippine Army since his assumption to office on April 18, this year. The CSAFP was accorded with traditional military honors tendered by no less than the CGPA. The highlight of his visit was the awarding of medals to deserving personnel who contributed in the liberation of Marawi City. These comprises of seven Gold Cross Medal conferred to one Officer and six enlisted personnel, five Silver Cross Medal for two Officers and three enlisted personnel and three Military Merit Medal to one Officer and two enlisted personnel.
During his message, the Chief of Staff did not fail to mention how proud he was to be an Army officer especially now that he is holding the highest position in the AFP. He told that he always cherish the times while he is still with the Army. He has a very colorful career having served mostly with the ranger fighting the terrorist, insurgents
He also inspired the troops by mentioning the distinctive courage of Staff Sergeant Antonino Basa, a member of the elite Scout Ranger who despite being wounded five times remains undisturbed and possesses the passion to serve in the frontline. His significant exploit was when he directly dropped his body over an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) just to protect his fellow ranger during the height of Marawi campaign. His story indeed captured the admiration of the Filipino and the world for extraordinary dedication and act of heroism.
General Galvez recalled that during his visit in Zamboanga Station Hospital wherein he met Staff Sergeant Basa, he was truly touched by the soldier’s gesture. He averred that despite of his condition, wherein he can barely lift his arm due to sustained wounds still attempted to render a snappy salute.
The Chief of Staff also made emphasis on the guidance and thrust of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. He conveyed to the troops that the president is fully supportive of the AFP’s program and even instructed him to expedite the current Army Modernization Program in order to increase its core competency and capabilities in protecting the sovereignty and integrity of the state.
“The unfathomable sacrifices of our soldier’s blood, sweat and tears will not be put in vain. As the Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, I will ensure that all your requirements in your operation will be provided to facilitate the accomplishment of your mission”, Galvez, added. #

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