EDSA Revolution 2016 Anniversary

Today, EDSA Revolution is remembered every year as a holiday to commemorate the unity of civilians and soldiers who joined forces in 1986 for a peaceful revolution. Come and witness how the AFP moves forward towards accomplishing its mandate of protecting the people and securing the state. Visit People Power Experiential Museum and AFP StaticContinue reading “EDSA Revolution 2016 Anniversary”

History of the Philippine Army

HISTORY The Battle of Mactan on April 21, 1521 marked the first organized resistance of the Filipinos against foreign invaders. Lapu-Lapu, a chieftain of Mactan island, defeated Spanish colonizer Ferdinand Magellan. Years of Spanish rule, which dragged on to almost three centuries made the Filipinos restive. They were soon clamoring for reforms and an endContinue reading “History of the Philippine Army”