AFP Awards P 27.6 Million Cash to Informants

CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) awarded cash rewards amounting to P27.6 Million to informants for the vital information they shared that led to the neutralization of ten (10) terrorists in a ceremony held Thursday, 31 May 2018 at the OJ2 Multi-Purpose Hall, ISAFP Compound, here.

General Carlito Galvez Jr., the AFP Chief of Staff personally handed over the cash rewards to ten (10) individuals whose identities were concealed for their security. Also present in the ceremony was MGen Fernando Trinidad, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, J2.

AFP Chief Gen. Galvez Visits EMC

NSFA, Panacan, Davao City – General Carlito G. Galvez, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines visited Eastern Mindanao Command (EMC) in Naval Station Felix Apolinario, Panacan, Davao City on June 4, 2018, as part of his way to be updated on the operational environment of the different regions in the country.

Gen. Galvez was received by Lt. Gen. Benjamin Madrigal Jr., Commander, EMC in a Military Ceremony.


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AFP Military Men Contributed in the Development of the Advanced Filipino Made SolarRev Generator Technology

This is a photo of the SolarRev Generator A10 after its tactical testing in Tanay Rizal Military Designed Camp Site
Civilian Technologiest from Pateros Solar Center together with 7th CRG Soldiers gave free solar training to the youth and Civil Relations Group in charge with community development.

Filipino Invention: This Proudly Filipino made Military Grade SolarRev Generator is a combined effort of Civilian Technologist from Pateros and Military Men from the Civil Relations Service AFP. The 7th CRG CRS AFP former commander LTC. Patria was part of the consultation team when this Solar Generator unit was produced by the Filipino company, Calriger Technologies. The 7th CRG of Civil Relations Service AFP fully support the training for the youth, for its YLS program and for its military men in charge in community development by offering for free their office as training center for different skills especially for solar generator production skills. 

The SolarRev Generator can be very helpful to our soldiers when they are in off-grid locations in our country. The solar generator can help them power their radio communication devices and GPS navigation gadgets. This breakthrough made in the Philippines invention of our civilian tech and military men is a game changer in military tactical operations – Defense News PH

Shared by certain Technical SGT from Tanay- The SolarRev Gen helps them in charging Radio Communication Devices and gave them longer time in the mountain operation. They dont need to go down to recharge their communication devices because of the SolarRev Generator. 

In their Youth Leadership Summit event in Tanay and outreach program in Marikina Boys Town, they shared to the YLS and the youth participants the importance of solar technology to the country. 

Our military men fully support Filipino Made Technologies to upgrade our country’s capabilities – Defense News PH

The SolarRev inventor company conducts free training on how to make your own solar generator using parts available in the Philippine market. Most of the parts that are used and can be used in making the SolarRev Generator can be purchased in automotive stores and shops making its production easy for filipino people. The principles of Calriger when it comes to renewable energy is first, to teach skills to people that can help them stand independent and can also help them eradicate poverty and second, make the solar technology education easily available to Filipino people.

These principles coupled with the fact that the inventor of SolarRev made it a point that all parts of SolarRev are available in the Philippines can help Filipino people to produce solar generator technology in the Philippines. 

Skills development for Filipino People is very important in eradicating poverty- Calriger

Support Filipino Inventions: ​Fully loaded SolarRev Generator SRGA10  charging power. Like and share Calriger at SolarRev will give all your portable power needs.

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Military Cyber Security Program Developed under CRSAFP Defense News Daily Cyber ISA is now undergoing Modernization Program with the help of Cyber Advocates

The AFP CRS Military ​Cyber Security and User Authentication System Programs Developed for AFP CRS Cyber ISA Defense News Daily Program on the year 2014 and was discontinued on December 2016 for lack of funds will be continued, enhanced and developed by Defense News PH Cyber Team with the help of Gen Rolando Jungco of the National Defense College of the Philippines, RWC Network Director Araw Sun Bobadilla, and Calriger Technologies. The new Cyber Advocates will modernize, upgrade and make these Cyber Programs independent self operating system thru the help of Cyber Group comprising of active and retired military people, cyber group from the Civilian Sovereign Integridad Force, and the Off-Grid Cyber Network Group. 

The team will enhance and revive the Defense News Daily Cyber ISA and Security Systems with emphasis on development of the team’s online security Knowledge. The team states that these Cyber Security knowledge are very important in every Cyber Online Network and will play important role in securing online data and also in eliminating fake news in Philippine Cyber Space. 

The team is developing a Strategic Information Management and Identity Management System to detect Fake News and Fake Accounts Online and to ensure that news portals of the government can Deliver Trusted Services in a secure online system, this is a necessary technology in this Digital Age to avoid confusion in online news. 

During the past operation of the Defense News Daily Cyber ISA Network, the system has detected various cyber attacks from local and international networks. These attacks includes the attempt of North Korea Cyber Network to Deface the Defense News Daily Website, they failed because the website was protected with cpanel onboard malware security detector, the system also detected the hacking attempt in the CEBU CRG website done by local rebels, the malware attacked from Tanay Rizal, the attempt to deface the Hero foundation website by the German hackers and many more. All of these were prevented by the Defense News Daily Cyber ISA Program. ( See history of Defense News Daily Cyber ISA Program in IDG CRSAFP )

Also in the digital age, confidential information can be easily compromised by hackers stealing identities and data of employees who are making honest mistakes in entering the cyber deceptions of hackers. With Cyber Strategic Information Management this problems that hackers are doing can be avoided. 

Government is now turning to identity management to ensure that critical data is only accessible to those with permission to use it making this Cyber Security Program necessary in all parts of cyber communications. 

The Cyber team will also share Important skills for Cyber Security when the program becomes operational and done with pilot testing.

The following will be highlited in the Cyber Security Program: 

Learn best practices for protecting identities in today’s cyber world. 

Detects fake news and bring people behind these to the hands of the cyber law enforcers

Defeat Trojan Virus and Malware to avoid compromised system and data theft.

Block DDOS Attack and protect your website Bandwith using online scanners and DDOS Blockers 

The necessity of strong authentication for government state and local agencies.

Why identity-proofing is critical for true cybersecurity.

The pitfalls of current traditional password-based systems in government.

The advancement in Cyber Communication System helps securing confidential information

Protect your Cyber System, Learn Cyber Security Systems and Technologies

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AFP will not bomb Mosques in Marawi

06162017 AFP Statement on account of a News Report that says the Mosques in Marawi have become Target Opportunities: News update at

We categorically state that we have not bombed and will not bomb mosques in Marawi.

The AFP leadership is firm in its commitment to use other options that would flush out the Maute-ISIS Group from these places of worship that they have converted into machine gun and snipers’ nests, defensive positions, and arsenals of their war wherewithals.

The AFP assures our Muslim brothers and Islamic faithfuls that it will not go down to the level of these terrorists who desecrate places of worship to lure the government security forces into responding to their violent activities in a similar manner.

We are confident that, through other options available to the AFP, we will be able to retake the remaining portion of Marawi occupied by these terrorists, neutralize their remaining members, and begin the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the city.

61 Maute-ISIS terrorists killed in Marawi Operations


Published: 30 May 2017
CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City—Sixty one terrorists have been killed in joint military and police operations in Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur since May 25, Armed Forces of the Philippines Public Affairs Office Chief Marine Colonel Edgard Arevalo said.
“Last night’s (May 28) reports from our command cell on the ground indicate the 61 (42 body count, 19 eye-witness account)  enemy killed, with 41 firearms recovered,” Col Arevalo said.

The security forces conducting clearing operations also rescued 390 civilians.
The positive progress was attributed to the coordinated operations between the AFP and the Philippine National Police’ Special Action Force tasked to flush out remnants of the Maute group, Arevalo added.
Security is also tight in and out of the city as soldiers and police are trying to contain enemy numbers in Marawi.
“It is a challenge for us to prevent enemy reinforcements from coming to the city as they may also disguise themselves as civilians. At the same time, we have intensified our checkpoint operations to check the possibility of Maute-ISIS  members who may escape by blending in with the evacuees,” Col Arevalo said.
Meanwhile, the AFP clarified that the air support operations being conducted in Marawi are intended towards known and verified enemy positions.
“We are using precision ammunition in our surgical airstrikes. This means that we have well-identified targets and we have highly skilled and trained pilots delivering the payload to our targets,” Col Arevalo said, stressing that the air operations are used only when absolutely necessary.
“We should trust our commanders on the ground, LTGen Carlito Galvez of Western Mindanao Command and BGen Rolly Bautista leading the 1st Infantry Division. They know the real situation and when their troops are in danger and in need of air support,” Col Arevalo added.
Recent air strikes were intended to destroy enemy positions that are preventing security forces from advancing and clearing the remaining ‘pockets of resistance’ and in rescuing civilians still trapped in Marawi City.
Meanwhile, the Public Affairs Chief reiterated his call on the public to be more circumspect on their social media activities to prevent being used by enemy propagandists supporting the Maute group.
“The Maute group is utilizing the social media to gain attention and support from international terror groups. The people are unwittingly supporting this agenda when they share and post photos and videos in social media,” Col Arevalo said.
He added that sharing and posting of the movements government security forces compromises the operations and could endanger soldiers and police officers on the ground.
“We hope to clear Marawi City as soon as possible, and our soldiers are focused and working hard to ensure that Maute group, and those in supporting this terror organization, are neutralized,” AFP Chief of Staff General Eduardo Año said.
“For now, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to the families of our soldiers and policemen who have made the ultimate sacrifice in our efforts to clear Marawi. Rest assured that their sacrifices will not be in vain as we move forward in our operations,” Gen Año added.

AFP Statement and Updates on the Marawi Operations

AFP Statement and Updates on the Marawi Operations 

Auth: Public Affairs Office Chief Marine Colonel Edgard A. Arevalo
“The situation in Marawi has stabilized. 
“Security forces are in full control of the situation.
“The armed men we are dealing with are not ISIS but members of Local Terrorist Group. 
“The news being circulated by these terrorists and their sympathizers are spurious and are meant to spread lies and disinformation. It is propaganda to attract foreign terrorists’ support and recognition.
“The reported “eyewitness account” is untrue that Amai Pakpak Hospital has been occupied and the people there were held hostage.
“The Marawi City Hall was not occupied as was earlier reported merely quoting “sources”. 
“The sporadic firefights heard were harassment actions by terrorist sympathizers that were conducted as diversionary tactics to divide the attention of the reinforcing AFP personnel. 
“But even these are already held in check. 
“Information from operating units states that at around 2PM 23 May 2017, Soldiers, acting on the information regarding the presence of local terrorists and their cohorts, proceeded to Brgy. Basak, Malutlut, Marawi City for a law enforcement Operation. 
“The security forces were fired upon constraining them to retaliate. 
“Follow-up operations are on-going. We cannot reveal other details so as not to compromise operational security.
“Follow on forces are underway as we speak to further ensure that we will keep the grip of the situation. 
“Meanwhile, we fervently urge our people to refrain from posting in social media information that would tend exacerbate the situation. Especially of photos and videos on the movements of our troops and on terrorist propaganda circulating through social media.
“We will continue to provide updates as often as possible with due regard to the security of our operating forces and the conduct of the operations itself.”

PAF 2nd Air Division on its 38 Years


26 January 2017

The 2nd Air Division of the Philippine Air Force, based in Lapu-Lapu City, celebrated its 38th Founding Anniversary with the theme: “Working in Synergy Advancing Towards a Jointly Engaged and Transforming Force For Greater Peace and Security in the Visayas” on January 24, 2017 at the Base Theater Brigadier General Benito N Ebuen Air Base (BGBNEAB) with the PAF Commanding General, Lieutenant General Edgar R Fallorina AFP, as the Guest of Honor.

Highlighted during the activity was the presentation of awards to the following named personnel and units for their meritorious and valuable accomplishments to the division. Lt Gen Fallorina presented the awards together with the Division Commander, MGen Jose G Mirandilla Jr AFP, assisted by the Deputy Commander of the 2AD, Bgen Florentino S Rasco JR AFP.


Officer of the Year- 1Lt Jefferson Baniwas T Sannad PAF

Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year- SSg Marte A Teruel PAF

Airman of the Year- Sgt Darwin C Cabanilla PAF

Civilian Employee of the Year- Mrs Matilda Socorro M Querubin RMT, AMT

Group of the Year- Tactical Operations Group 8

Squadron of the Year- BGBNEAB Hospital

Special Recognition was also given to the following:

560th Air Base Wing

205th Tactical Helicopter Wing

220th Airlift Wing


Meanwhile, the CG, PAF personally greeted and expressed his deepest gratitude to all the admirable 2AD personnel and civilian employees for their passion, dedication and high sense of discipline towards work.

“Carry on 2nd Air Division Family! The “SYNERGY” you greatly underscored and exemplified is indeed commendable and inspiring,” he said.

Happy, happy anniversary, 2nd Air Division!!!

Photo by: A1C Yupangco PAF

Cyber Security Alert Defense News Update

U.S. Department of Homeland Security US-CERT

National Cyber Awareness System:


Cisco Releases Security Updates

01/24/2017 05:05 PM EST

Original release date: January 2017 | Last revised: January 27, 2017
Cisco has released security updates to address a vulnerability in its WebEx browser extensions. Exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.

Users and administrators are encouraged to review the Cisco Security Advisory and apply the necessary updates.

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