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Call of Duty the First Responders of AFP


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Maituturing na bayani si Cpl Rolly Bernal mula sa 7th CRG, CRSAFP sa kanyang pagtulong sa mga nasalanta ng Bagyong “Nina” sa Barangay Palsong, Bula, Camarines Sur. 
Si Sgt Bernal ay dumaan sa pagsasanay ng “First Responders’ Training” partikular sa pagresponde sa kalamidad mapanatural man o gawang-tao. 
Nagpapasalamat ang mga karatig residente sa kanyang kabayanihan.  


(AFP) Chief of Staff Eduardo M Año was promoted to the rank of General 4th Star

THE FOURTH STAR IN PLACE. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Eduardo M Año (middle) was promoted to the rank of General. He was donned the fourth star by Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana (right) and his wife Mrs. Jean Joselyn Maria D Año (left) at a simple and solemn rites Thursday morning, 05 January 2017 at the DND Building Hall of Flags.

Photo by SN1 Donald Viluan PN / PAOAFP

Defense News Global: DARPA Program Helps to Fight Human Trafficking

By Cheryl Pellerin

DoD News, Defense Media Activity

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4, 2017 — On Dec. 28, 2016, President Barack Obama published the annual proclamation of January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing next-generation search technologies to help investigators find the online perpetrators of those crimes.

Wade Shen, a program manager in DARPA’sInformation Innovation Office, said in a recent DoD News interview that the program, calledMemex, is designed to help law enforcement officers and others perform online investigations to hunt down human traffickers.

“Our goal is to understand the footprint of human trafficking in online spaces, whether that be the dark web or the open web,” he explained, characterizing the dark web as the anonymous internet, accessed through a system, among others, called Tor.

“The term dark web is used to refer to the fact that crimes can be committed in those spaces because they’re anonymous,” Shen said, “and therefore, people can make use of [them] for nefarious activities.”

Point of Sale

The approach he and his team have taken is to collect data from the Internet and make it accessible through search engines.

“Typically, this is data that’s hard for commercial search engines to get at, and it’s typically the point of sale where sex trafficking is happening,” Shen explained. “Victims of sex trafficking are often sold as prostitutes online, and a number of websites are the advertising point where people who want to buy and people who are selling can exchange information, or make deals.

“What we’re looking for,” he continued, “is online behavioral signals in the ads that occur in these spaces that help us detect whether or not a person is being trafficked.”

When a prostitute is advertised online as being “new in town” or by specific characteristics, those are hints that person might be trafficked. New in town means a person might be moving around, and the term “fresh” often means a person is underage, Shen explained. “Those kinds of things are indicators we can use to figure out whether or not a person is being pimped and trafficked,” he added.

Trafficking Signals

Before the Memex program formally began in late 2014, Shen’s team was working with the district attorney of New York to determine if they could find signals associated with trafficking in prostitution ads on popular websites.

“We found that lots of signals existed in the data, whether they be phone numbers used repeatedly by organizations that are selling multiple women online, or branding tattoos that exist in photos online, or signals in the text of the ads,” Shen said.

Shen’s team had been working on text-based exploitation programs for big data — extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. But they thought that if they extended the technology to understand images and networks of people, then they could apply it to detecting rings of traffickers and behaviors associated with trafficking online.

“If we could do that,” he said, “we could … generate leads for investigators so they wouldn’t have to sift through millions of ads in order to find the small number of ads that are associated with trafficking. So that’s what we did.”

Prosecuting Perpetrators

Early on, the team realized that search wasn’t quite the right modality for doing such investigations and that there was a lot more work to do before the technology could be adapted to trafficking. That’s when the Memex program began, Shen said.

“Since the beginning of the program, we’ve had a strong relationship with the district attorney of New York, but they’re not the only user of the technology. Over time, we have engaged with many different law enforcement agencies, including 26 in the United Kingdom, the district attorney of San Francisco, and a number of others,” he said.

Investigators for the district attorney of New York were able to use Memex tools to find and prosecute perpetrators, and that resulted in an arrest and conviction in the program’s first year, he added.

“Since then,” Shen said, “there have been hundreds of arrests and other convictions by a variety of law enforcement agencies in the United States and abroad.”

Today, more than 33 agencies are using the tools, he added, and an increasing number of local law enforcement agencies are using the tools.

“As word of mouth spreads about the tools and the fact that we give free access to the tools to law enforcement, more and more people are signing up to use it,” he said.

Shen said it’s easy for his team to work with state, local and federal partners in the United States, but it’s harder to work with agencies abroad.

“But we’re committed to do that,” he added, “so we are in the process of working out deals with a number of those agencies so they have access to the tools we currently deploy and to allow them, after we exit [when the program ends in a year] … to continue to run their own versions of these tools.”

Noble Cause

DARPA funds the Memex project, which, according to the agency’s budget office, has cost $67 million to date. But rather than do the work, as with its other projects, DARPA catalyzes commercial agents, universities and others to develop the technology, Shen said.

“They are experts in their fields — image analysis, text analysis or web crawling and so on — and we engage the best of that community to work on this problem. What they’ve essentially done is form coalitions to … build the tools [needed] to solve the problem, because no one of the entities that we call performers is able to do that on their own,” he added.

The Memex program has 17 different performers, and many of them also work with partners. “So all in all,” Shen said, “we have hundreds of people who are working on this effort. All of them are very dedicated to this problem, because the problem of human trafficking is real.”

When Shen’s team started the program, one of the things they realized was that the cost of people in these spaces, the cost of slaves, is essentially zero, he added.

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“That means our lives are essentially worthless in some sense, and that just seems wrong,” he said. “That motivated us and a lot of our performers to do something, especially when we build technology for all sorts of commercial applications for profit and for other motives. That’s what a lot of our folks do on a day-to-day basis, and they felt the need to make use of their technology for a noble cause. We think Memex is one of these noble causes.”

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The Philippine Military is now providing Solar Technologies as part of Nation Building Advocacies – Outreach Program to the residents of Manila Boys Town

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The Philippine Military is now using Solar Technologies in their Nation Building Efforts for the development of different communities in their country. ( )

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Solar Technology for community development. Solar Technology support by CALRIGER Solar Technologies ( )

Soldiers always have the privilege of being able to touch lives especially to those whom the efforts matter most. More news at Defense News Ph

Calriger Solar in Manila Boys Town with 7th CRGAFP (17)

7CRG, CRSAFP led by Lt Col Marlowe E. Patria (Inf) PA, in partnership with the members of Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) Regular Class 51 led by Mr. Fabian Go and Dr. Apple de Luna, conducts an Outreach Program to the residents of Manila Boys Town Complex in Marikina City.


The residents who composed of either abandoned, abused or orphaned foundlings, youth or aged, savored not only the warm presence of the group but also the distributed lootbags containing different foodstuff, personal hygiene kits and others. They also valued the different activities conducted with them such as Seed Potting and Tree Planting, Solar Training , Storytelling, Dental Hygiene and Sex Education. The group also donated ten (10) solar lamps which were installed along the dimly-lit portion of the compound and 1 Solar Rev Generator Training kit for the development of solar installation skills of these young generation future leaders inside the Manila Boys Town. Other groups present were members of the Soldiers’ Wives and Girlfriends and 80IB, PA who provided free haircuts and availability of medical team. The activity was then capped with a boodle fight as a celebration for the successful activity.

We thank our generous partner – MNSA Reg Class 51 for this partnership as well as the relentless support and guidance of the Hqs, CRSAFP.



CRSAFP , Jun Patria Manila Boys Town Complex Manila Boystown Complex Parang Marikina City Philippines ABS-CBN ABS-CBN News Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn Miss Philippines Earth (Official) GMA Network Rappler MNSA Regular Class 50 National Defense College of the Philippines Charlie Company, 60IB Camp Capinpin, Tanay Rizal Armed Forces of the Philippines Malacañang Palace Malacañang Museum Marikina City Giancarlo Capco , CALRIGER Solar, GPS Online TV Tech Store ,  Crs Afp Fourth Crg Crg Northern Luzon Crgsix Palawan Eigth Crg Crsafp Civil Relations Service AFP AFP Civil-Military Operations School

AFP Declaration of Restoration of Ceasefire

AFP Statement re Declaration of Restoration of Ceasefire

The Declaration of Restoration of Ceasefire by the President and Commander-in-Chief Rodrigo Duterte that takes effect midnight of 20 Aug 2016, and his clear instructions for the AFP to restore its erstwhile operational guidelines will be communicated forthwith to all AFP units on the ground by all means possible as we speak.

The nation can expect that the guidelines will be followed to the letter as it has been so prior its lifting by the CinC due to the want of similar declaration from and attacks on the AFP personnel by the other party to the talk.

We are as hopeful, and as prayerful as the nation and its people are that this restoration of Ceasefire by the President will be matched with the same zeal and sincerity by the other party. So that in the end peace, progress, stability, and security will be for our people to relish.

Importance of Respecting the Flag of our Country

Aug. 19, 2016: LDCR JOBINA ANTONIA S BESA PN and few female personnel from CRSAFP explain and demonstrate to the students, faculty and staff of Assumption College (at their campus in San Lorenzo Village, Makati, Metro Manila), the significance of conducting flag raising ceremony and the importance and proper way of executing salute during the ceremony.


Photo by A1C Loneza PAF

Jun Patria Binky Salvosa-Besa Assumption College San Lorenzo Assumption College San Lorenzo Assumption College, Makati Erick Parayno ABS-CBN ABS-CBN ABS-CBN News GMA Network GMA News TV5 PTV Malacañang Palace Cmou Western Mindanao Westlife Westlife Westmincom Westmincom Nine West Philippines Philippines OLX Philippines Playboy Philippines Tin Calilan Carlos Rosemarie Gapusan Janemary Vinasoy Crs Afp Civil Relations Service AFP Fourth Crg Hhsg Crsafp Uno Crsafp CRSSD festival ThirdCrg Crsafp Secondcrg Crsafp Solcom Spokesman Pio Solcom Cookie Jam Cmog PN Cmou-ncr Cmogpn Cmo OPns CMOG-PN Cmog PA CMOG,PA, Fort Bonifacio CMOBn,CMOG, PA Corning Museum of Glass YouTube YouTube Nation YouTube HQ YouTube Downloader CNN CNN International CNN en Español CNN Philippines CNNMoney CNN Politics CNN TÜRK CNN Travel CNNTech CNN International Language School CNN Heroes CNN iReport CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop Armed Forces of the Philippines Armed Forces of the Philippines General Headquarters – Camp Aguinaldo AFPCOC (Armed Forces of the Philippines Commissioned Officers Club) Armed Forces Day شركة المجموعة الدولية للتوظيف International Deployment Group (IDG) Mark Bhoy Lolo Bureau of Internal Revenue Philippines Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines Bureau Of Fire Protection: National Headquarters FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources National Bureau of Investigation Bureau of Agricultural Research

Tree Planting and Seed Potting

The advocacy must go on.

The combined troops of 7CRG and students from CMOG, PA join the Barangay Officials led by its Chairman, Hon. Marciano Buena Agua and residents of Brgy. E. Rodriguez, Quezon City in a “Tree Planting and Seed Potting” activities on August 18. The activity is in-line with our project – Race to 1 Million Seedling which aims to promote environmental protection and preservation.


Photo by Cpl Rebancos PA

Jun Patria Binky Salvosa-Besa PTV GMA News ABS-CBN ABS-CBN News Cmog PN Cmou-ncr Cmogpn CMOG-PN Cmog PA CMOG,PA, Fort Bonifacio CMOBn,CMOG, PA Fifth Crg Davao Crsafp Crs Afp Fourth Crg ThirdCrg Crsafp Media and Civil Affairs Group, CRS AFP Hhsg Crsafp Uno Crsafp Secondcrg Crsafp Solcom CRSSD festival CNN CNN International CNN en Español CNN Philippines CNET CNNMoney CNN Politics CNN TÜRK CNNTech CNN Travel CNN International Language School CNN Heroes CNN iReport CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop CNN Center Dormitory CNN Headline Philippines Department of National Defense – Philippines Cafe De apati U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Department of Agriculture Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Department of Agrarian Reform, Philippines Department of Health (Philippines) Department of Information and Communications Technology – DICT The SM Store (Department Store Official Page) Department of the Interior and Local Government (Philippines) Department of Foreign Affairs U.S. Department of State Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Animal Industry Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs DepEd Bureau of Internal Revenue Philippines Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines Bureau Of Fire Protection: National Headquarters FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources National Bureau of Investigation Bureau of Agricultural Research Bureau of Plant Industry Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Bureau of Customs Bureau of Soils and Water Management Bureau Of Animal Industry Bureau of Customs Port of Manila Bureau Of Jail Management And Penology (Bjmp) Bureau of Meteorology Bureau of Fire Protection(BFP) National Headquarters Rody Duterte President Duterte Supporters Duterte Duterte Today Duterte Warriors Duterte Lines Rodrigo Duterte Lines Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte News Rodrigo Duterte Lines Rodrigo Duterte “Disisais” Duterte Cayetano Duterte2016 Duterte Lines Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte News Rodrigo Duterte Lines Rodrigo Duterte “Disisais” Duterte Cayetano Duterte2016 Duterte 2016 Senate of the Philippines Senate of the Philippines Afprescom Laang Kawal AFP ROTC Challenge AFP Civil-Military Operations School AFP News Agency Armed Forces of the Philippines AFPMC Medical Center (V-Luna) AFP Integra The Philippines Armed Forces Paolo Nutini CUESHE: Official Page Miss Philippines Earth (Official) Miss Universe Mission Hills China

Philippine Navy Development Projects

18 August 2016 – CMOU Central personnel attended the Payroll-Personnel Reconciliation CY 2016 of Philippine Navy Finance Center (PNFC) headed by CAPT ALBERTO A CRUZ PN (GSC) Commander, NFSU at the integrated Mess Hall, Naval Base Rafael Ramos. The activity was conducted to monitor the disposition and update the data of the Philippine Navy Personnel that affects their pay and allowances. Various Financial Institutions (ACDI, AMWSLAI, PNSLAI, AFPSLAI, etc) were present to entertain queries and disseminate information.

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