ANTI-CRIME CAMPAIGN | Centralized CCTV for the entire country

CCTV PHILIPPINES- Quezon City — The Philippine National Police (PNP) welcomes the possible installation of CCTVs in the entire country if ever the next administration considers it. According to PNP spokesman Police Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor it would be a big help if president-elect Rudy Duterte would push thru with possibility as it wouldContinue reading “ANTI-CRIME CAMPAIGN | Centralized CCTV for the entire country”

The Bonifacio War Tunnel in Global City

BCDA President and CEO Arnel Paciano Casanova said the project aims to contribute to the people’s understanding and appreciation of the history of the former military camp Fort Bonifacio, now known as Bonifacio Global City (BGC). He said there is a need to preserve the heritage and promote the history that once played a vitalContinue reading “The Bonifacio War Tunnel in Global City”